In my identity systems case study, I focused on creating a unique identity for an art gallery, choosing my local basketball court in San Francisco as the inspirational space. This project involved more than just branding the gallery; it required integrating the court's history, physical characteristics, and atmosphere into the gallery's identity.

The worn textures and structural lines of the basketball court, evident from weathering and usage, were central to the gallery's visual identity. I developed the brand identity of the "Swoosh Gallery" by overlaying, altering, and manipulating photographs of the court. The brand’s essence is built on core elements of texture, shadows, and structural lines, underpinned by values of inclusivity, accessibility, and curiosity.

This approach went beyond aesthetics, shaping the gallery's resonance with its target audience—local community members. The Swoosh Gallery's identity thus emerged as a cohesive narrative, marrying the distinctiveness of its space with a dynamic, inclusive brand ethos.

Logo Mark
Color Pallet


This 'Swoosh' art exhibition stationery contrasts vibrant neon yellow with the mystique of cosmic purple, embodying the gallery's dynamic approach to contemporary art. Bold typography invites viewers into a sensory journey, while the QR code weaves digital discovery into the tactile tradition. Each piece is not just informative, but an invitation to explore the interplay of light, shadow, and artistic vision.


The 'Swoosh' exhibit's apparel features a purple hoodie and a quilted jacket, both embodying the exhibit's focus on shadow and texture. Boldly highlighting the 'Swoosh' name, these pieces transform wearers into moving canvases of the gallery's artistic exploration.