Identity Unearthed

In this intimate exploration, I delve into the complex layers of my identity, uniquely shaped by my Bulgarian heritage and the profound experience of adoption. This project is a personal odyssey, retracing my steps back to Bulgaria in a quest to renew my passport, an endeavor that symbolically reconnects me with my roots. Accompanied by my birthmother, I navigate the labyrinth of my past across three towns, each step unearthing deeper insights into my cultural identity. This journey, however, unveils a startling revelation: my original birth certificate, the key to my earliest identity, is missing from the official records. This discovery propels me into a deeper examination of what truly constitutes identity. Is it the official documents, the cultural heritage, or the personal experiences that shape us? This project is not just a narrative of rediscovery but also a contemplation on the fluidity and resilience of self-identity against the backdrop of lost paperwork and rediscovered connections.

In this project, I journey through Bulgaria with my birthmother to renew my passport, weaving through my adoption story and cultural heritage. As we visit three towns seeking my original birth certificate, we find it missing from the records. This unexpected twist leads to a profound reflection on the essence of identity beyond official documents, exploring the resilience and fluidity of self in the face of lost history and rekindled connections.

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